consists of three main sections, trainer narration and visual material supported class work, shallow water diving and deep-sea diving.


Class Studies;


8 to 10 hours of theoretical training of diving history, basic information about the underwater diving techniques, diving equipment, diving physics, diving including issues such as health and safe diving rules.

Participants who successfully complete the assessment test at the end of class work will have completed this section of the course.


Shallow Water Studies;


Simple diving skills are primarily applied in pool  or in sea with limited depth. 

Here, you can learn preparing your equipment simply as well as the adaptation of Mask and nose and control of breathing reflex.


Open Water Dives;


Ii carried out at depths ranging from 2 to 18 meters. Participants gained skills in shallow water training can develop their skills and more with 4 open water dives. When performance requirements are met the diver training will be completed. A weekend to complete open water diving program will be enough for you.




Diving in our country is possible all around the year. Taking into account the seasonal conditions, we are choosing the right area and continue diving for 12 months. Considering that the lowest sea temperature is 17-18C at our South underwater it is an indispensable pleasure in all seasons.


Our dive programs to Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean in particular, in our country and with outstanding dive sites in the world, offer you many opportunities to enter the magical underwater world.


After completing your open water diving training you can continue your dives, or if you are already a diver you can increase your level of experience further.

Our diving program, except for the different time periods such as public holidays are held as week-end programs. These programs are starting Friday evening, Saturdays and is arranged to return on Sunday with total of 4 dives. With these programs participants do not face any time problems.


You can benefit from the package program with TÜRSAB certified and insured vehicle, hotel accommodations, breakfasts, lunches and diving equipment or you can participate in creating your own schedule.




You will receive theoretical and practical training with the same standards applied all over the world. The standard of education does not only cover the knowledge and skills in our country but allow you also to dive easily around the world. At the end of training you will receive your diver identity and can dive almost anywhere in the world.

OASIS provides the world's best two systems, such as PADI and CMAS.